Promote the sport of lacrosse among the youth and high school players in Cohasset.

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Dear Parents,

Thank you for registering your child for Cohasset Youth Lacrosse.

Please be advised that US Lacrosse Membership for the entire lacrosse season is required to participate in this program. Parents are responsible for securing (or renewing) each child's membership through June 30, 2022. Registration will NOT be complete until US Lacrosse Membership is paid, confirmed and you have read and signed both the US Lacrosse Waiver and US Lacrosse Code of Conduct. You will be directed to the US Lacrosse Membership site during this registration process. Please call 410-235-6882 if you have any problems with the US Lacrosse Membership.

Financial Assistance:

Cohasset Youth Lacrosse believes that no child should be denied the chance to play due to financial reasons.  Requests for financial assistance can be made to and will be handled with discretion.

Thank you!

Cohasset Youth Lacrosse