Promote the sport of lacrosse among the youth and high school players in Cohasset.

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The below list a quick listing of game rules applicable in the Town Pride Lacrosse League as well as common penalties.

Defenseman Sticks:

1st - 6th Grade: Use normal sized sticks at all field positions (excepting goalie)

7th - 8th Grade: Can use long poll defenseman sticks.

Restraining Lines & Box:

Restraining lines are two cross field lines on either side of the mid-field line.  Attackers and defenders cannot cross their “restraining line” until one player from the midfield takes possession of the ball or the ball crosses the restraining line. If an official deems that a team is not moving/playing with offensive purpose while controlling the ball,  a "stalling"  penalty will be called.  The possessing team must keep the ball within their opponents offensive restraining box to avoid a loss-of-possession penalty.

Offside is penalized by a 30 second penalty. It occurs when there are more than 7 players on the defensive side of the field, (three midfielders/three defensemen/one goalkeeper), or more than 6 players from one team on the offensive side of the field (three midfielders/three attack). The zones are separated by the midfield line.

If a member of one team touches the ball and it travels outside of the playing area, play is restarted by awarding possession to the opposing team.

Out of Bounds:

Fields are lined with a fixed boundary marker.  There are two separate rules that govern out of bounds that depend on the type of play occurring.

Passing Plays:  If an offensive player attempts to pass the ball to a team mate and it goes out of bounds, the other team is awarded the ball.

Shots on Goal: If a shot on goal goes out of bound- whether it was deflected or not- the player
closest to the ball at the time it goes out of bounds- from either team-  is awarded possession of the ball.


Technical Fouls: Technical fouls are violations of the rules that are not as serious as personal fouls, and are penalized for 30 seconds or a loss of possession. Examples include holding, interference, pushing, screening, "warding off", stalling, and off-sides.

Personal Fouls: Personal fouls are of a more serious nature and are generally penalized with a 60 second player suspension. Examples include slashing, tripping, illegal body checking, cross checking, unsportsmanlike conduct, unnecessary roughness, and equipment violations.